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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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too. if you feel hot, go inside. >> have a great time. be safe. all right. thanks. thanks for joining us. >> have a great holiday weekend. thanks for spending some of your time with us. dangerous floods swamp parts of texas and oklahoma as severe storms dump up to 10 inch of rain in just 24 hours. communities across the region struggling with evacuations and rescue efforts, already one firefighter has died while trying to carry out a high water rescue. any relief in sight? we'll get the latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> fallout from friday's clinton document dump continues. what we're learning from the hundreds of e-mails finally released by the state department. and what they reveal about mrs. clinton's response to benghazi attacks that killed four americans. congressman lynn westmoreland a member of the benghazi select committee, joins us live. >> on this memorial day weekend,
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a bakery cooks up the perfect recipe for helping some of our veterans and their families. nice to be with you. welcome to "america's news headquarter" from washington. >> thank you for spending your sunday afternoon with us. we begin with the fox news weather alert, heavy rain and historic flooding across the plains from texas through the dakotas with several more inches possible for the lone star state, oklahoma and kansas. which have already shattered records for the month of may. flash flooding in texas and oklahoma submerging roads and forcing hundreds of people out of their homes, some under mandatory evacuation orders. high water also leaving people stranded prompting numerous rescues. in oklahoma one firefighter died after being swept away by floodwaters while he was trying to rescue someone else.
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>> unfortunately this is going to be the story for next 12 to 24 hours and as you mentioned, shattering records, oklahoma city, over 18 inches usually typically for the month of may, you receive just over four inches of rain. quadruple the amount here and this is their wettest month ever on record. we are just seeing feet of rain in these areas, next 12 to 24 hours, more rain is in store for the saturated grounds of texas, oklahoma through kansas and in some cases we could see an additional six inches of rainfall. a dire situation over these regions, flash flood watches and warnings posted as this system continues to move slowly eastward. again, for the rest of today, into tomorrow the threat for rain in the forecast there is monday's risk a little more moisture into the picture here. along with the rockies, parts of colorado new mexico also dealing with flooding concerns tuesday and wednesday, things
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start to move eastward and we'll get a drying out period but the forecast models are saying we could see more rain heavy rain as we head into next weekend for these vulnerable areas. severe threats today, not only flooding hail damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for parts of texas, also in towards the mississippi river valley. tomorrow for much of the state of texas, where we could see strong to severe storms and then across the mississippi and the tennessee river valley again, this is hail damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, and the flooding risks continues. your memorial day forecast watching the plains very carefully, over the west not too bad, cooler than average temperatures and across the east coast, looking very nice for your memorial day holiday. couple of beach forecasts for you, if you're headed to the beach, new jersey and north carolina nice looking forecast florida could see scattered showers. new port beach, a little cool but sunny conditions and we could see some showery weather for pensacola, otherwise along the east coast, looking good.
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shannon, hearts and prayers out for oklahoma and texas, toward kansas dealing with extreme weather for the next 12 to 24 hours. back to you. >> we know you'll keep an eye on it for us. thank you very much. >> police in cleveland arrested about 70 people during protests last night. they were angry over a judge's verdict clearing a white police officer of manslaughter in the death of two unarmed black suspects back in 2014. but despite the arrests, things overall in the city have been and remain peaceful. an announcement that the department of justice will review the shooting has helped keep things in cleveland from bubbling over. >> reporter: most of the protesters i've spoken to have said this not guilty verdict is what they were expecting. there is some hope as you mentioned that this review by the department of justice, the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office will lead to some additional charges, but folks
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here they're not counting on it. that frustration and disappointment is what led them to take to the streets of the city of cleveland yesterday, marching for nearly ten hours all throughout the city. there was a heavy police presence that followed this group of protesters about 100 or so and the demonstrations though they were nearly entirely peaceful. apart from one protester who was arrested after throwing a sign into a restaurant and hitting a patron there. after that police say they deemed the entire protest a risk to public safety and eventually arrested nearly the entire crowd of 71 people for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. cleveland's mayor and police chief spoke this morning and said they're pleased with how the city is responding to the verdict and they continue to expect that things will remain peaceful. >> we would not allow people to commit acts of violence either against property or persons in this event and officers moved in
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as soon as those things began to happen. >> the 31-year-old officer, michael brilo, found not guilty will remain on unpaid leave on interm investigation underwe way to determine. five other supervisors have been charged with dereliction of duty. there has not been a trial date set in their case. protests are planned later today at the cleveland indians game and outside the playoff game of the cleveland cavaliers tonight, something police will be keeping a close eye on. >> we know you'll keep a close eye as well. thank you. a little south from cleveland in new orleans, police are investigating the death of a housing authority police officer there. authorities say the officer was working overtime to guard a public housing construction site when he was shot and killed. his body was found this morning in his patrol car, and it rolled
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a block or two before stopping. so far the officer's name is not being released until police are able to notify his family. >> we're learning new details about what former secretary of state hillary clinton knew about the benghazi attacks and when she knew it. the state department released hundreds of pages of clinton e-mails on friday a document dump leading to a long holiday weekend. in some cases, the e-mails tell a different story than what we have previously heard. congressman lynn westmoreland is a member of the benghazi select committee, joins us live. thank you for your time this weekend. >> thanks for having me. >> as the chair of the benghazi committee points it out, congressman gowdy, these are e-mails that she released through her attorneys, the state has gone through them that is the obama administration and then they're getting released to the public. are you confident that there will be any information relevant to what you're after in these e-mails after all of those
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scrubbings? >> well you know shannon, you failed to mention one possible scrub and that would be by somebody on our political team. so yeah these are just the e-mails that mrs. clinton herself turned over to the state department so they have been scrubbed at least two or three times and we don't really know, you know he what we're asking for as far as an independent arbitrator to be turned -- that server turned over to them and try to find out really and truly what was on there without getting the stuff that has been censored. >> do you have any real hope that's actually going to happen? i know you expressed your frustration with numerous subpoenas to the state department and others and not exactly getting the level of cooperation that you would like to see. do you really have any hopes you would get your hands on that server? >> well i think we're going to continue to try. i don't think we're going to let up on the pressure. we have requested a number of things through subpoena and then chairman gowdy had reduced those from ten individuals on the
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seventh floor down to four down to three and we're still getting pushed back. so it may become a time when we have to ask the speaker to get involved in this. but we're going to continue to pressure the state department because, i mean other than these families and these brave americans that got killed the american public needs to know what happened what led up to those attacks, what the attack was actually like and then what wept on after the attacks. >> i want to put up a poll we have on this topic, with regard to your powers and what you can pursue. poll asking should congress continue to investigate benghazi until someone is held accountable, a majority of the respondents, 56%, said yes. what can you offer them with the powers that you do have which may be limited in some instances and some folks on the other side of those subpoenas may run out the clock, that you'll be able to get those answers for those families you mentioned and the american public? >> well shannon, if you look at
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what we have discovered we discovered mrs. clinton had had a private e-mail server. we have exposed more witnesses that we have been able to come in -- call blumenthal nobody knew about that until we found out. we're discovering new information every day and, of course, with that new information it leads us to several other things. it is just taking a while for us to try to get all the information in especially with the reluctance we have had from this administration and the state department. and mrs. clinton herself. >> well we know there is much more to discover and people simply want answers, the facts and nothing biased or partisan in any way. we know that in some instances democrats on the committee have cooperated with what they're trying to do and others have faulted or criticized republicans terming this a witch-hunt. we know there is a lot to do
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thank you for giving us an update sir. >> thank you, ma'am. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they he were not outnumbered. in fact they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. and yet they failed to fight, they withdrew from the fight, and that says to me and i think to most of us that we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> what you just heard is the harshest assessment yet of iraqi fighters from a high ranking obama administration official ash carter saying that isis' take over of ramadi is evidence that iraqi forces are at best unreliable. now the administration is
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pinning their hopes on a counteroffensive by the same iraqi troops against the islamic state. conner powell, those iraqi troops had any success so far? we understand pro government iraqi forces launched a counterattack against isis near ramadi. primarily compromised of sunni tribal fighters and also irani-backed shiite militias and in the past 24 hours or so they're beginning to have some success, but a week after losing the major iraqi city of ramadi these gains today are really sort of small towns and villages around the major city of ramadi progress but hardly a game changer needed against isis. the expectation that the shiite militias these irani backed shiite militias will have an impact iraqi tv is also reporting that reinforcements are being sent these are
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regular iraqi troops being sent to ramadi to help with these irregular militias but secretary carter suggested iraqi troops are in no shape to launch a major counterattack against isis inside ramadi we're hearing of isis' withdrew brooubrutality. killing really everyone they link to the pro iraqi government. now, tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing ramadi right now. but they're stuck between isis fighters inside ramadi and pro government forces that are not allowing many civilians outside of al anbar province to the situation really growing fairly desperate in and around ramadi. >> desperate is a good word for it. we remember how long it took to retake tikrit. conner powell thanks. here to offer analysis on the fight against isis tom rogan.
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tom, appreciate you being here. from the defense secretary about our own partners quote, no will to fight. stunning. >> yeah. good to be with you. look the problem here is that the administration is trying to push the blame on to anyone else. we have seen the iraqi military collapsing. there is an absence of will to fight. but the answer to that cannot be that we simply restrain our own involvement because it does affect us the politization of sectarianism why did isis take ramadi so all sunnis in iraq are appropriated under the banner of isil and they -- the choice isil is trying to save you yield to us and join our cause, or you yield to the shia militias which in the collapse -- >> iranian backed who are friendly toward the -- >> they like power drilling. that's their tradition and sunnis know it. >> you mean taking a power drill and going into -- unbelieve atrocities on both sides.
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one thing that struck me reporting from the pentagon president obama said those fleeing ramadi those iraqi troops are not the ones trained by the united states. we fear more and more from the pentagon and from our sources on the ground it turns out that the special forces in ramadi who were trained by the united states laid down their arms and ran away. we see all the refugees heading out of ramadi as a result. isn't there anybody we can trust on the ground in iraq to actually conduct themselves as professional soldiers? >> there are some elite units of the iraqi military. the problem is unfortunately because of the withdrawal in 2011 we lost political influence and so maliki the former prime minister disintegrated those units, turned them into political actors and, ash carter is talk about, we can't do the job for the iraqis. for some degree he's right. backing off and doubling down on the structure we have at the moment -- >> we can't do the job for the iraqis. we'll rely on iraqi partners.
10:16 am
i want to put up a quote from the central command spokesperson where he says momentum is on our side. we are confident that we have the right strategy. that's from the colonel there, the spokesperson for central command here. it is one thing to have a bad policy count on the iraqi troops who embarrassed them receives in ramadi ran away from their fighting positions, red isis in a significant way. it is another thing to seem to be delusional and say, momentum is on our side when our partners on the ground are losing every day. >> right. look and people can go and judge for themselves they just -- if you go and google look at a map of isis control they control -- they connect up to their resorts on the border with syria, in iraq across to ramadi and baghdad. they control the lines of communication. that's proof, forensic proof the strategy is not working and the problem is with our position at the moment the only thing moderate iraqis can do is to rely on iran and the iranian
10:17 am
political agenda is about regional domination beirut is the proof of it they will not. how do you resolve this? you have influence and resolve the political sectarianism. look at isis look at western holders in the united states. >> tom rogan, appreciate your time. thanks for coming in. >> much more ahead on "america's news headquarters," a brilliant nobel prize winner has died. we'll have a live report on what happened. on this memorial day weekend what the holiday really means. we'll bring you the story about two young men who were together in life and now in death. friendship between travis and brendan reflects the meaning of memorial day.
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brotherhood, sacrifice, love of country. >> and we're remembering our fallen heroes today. tweet us pictures of the men and women in uniform that you are honoring this weekend. jim sent in one of his -- who served in the u.s. navy during the korean war. here's jack's dad, chief petty officer warren nash a korean war veteran. and ron is remembering sergeant charles e. mccoy killed in world war ii. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology
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some of the photos you sent in of the fallen heroes that you're remembering this weekend. john carter from garden city georgia, died serving our country in world war ii. ash is remembering joseph wells who is part of the seventh armored division tank battalion. here is kate's dad and her uncle who also served in world war ii. so many of us spend this memorial day enjoying the unofficial start of summer, with our loved ones golfing on the lake barbecuing perhaps, many must go to a different place to be together as a family. cemeteries across america. the grave sites of millions of americans who made today and every other day of freedom
10:23 am
possible from the revolutionary war, all the way through afghanistan and iraq and at arlington, tomorrow, you might notice colonel tom manion he'll be there visiting his son travis marine who died trying to save his men in iraq. he'll also be visiting his son's best friend and naval academy roommate brendan looney. he went on to to be a s.e.a.l. and died in afghanistan a few years after his best friend was killed. the two who were inseparable in life are buried side by side at arlington national cemetery. in the book brothers forever, their legacy lives on. joining us now to share this story of friendship and courage, travis' dad, colonel tom manion. the book is fabulous. there is only a couple of times i had had toto put it down because the tears welled up. they signed up before 9/11. when did you know your son was going to navy. when did he make that decision
10:24 am
in his mind? >> well he made that decision right when he was getting ready to graduate from high school. i mean he was -- >> when he was a young man, did he want to go? >> he never really gave a strong indication that that's what he wanted to do. when he got ready to select colleges, he was very certain that the naval academy is where he wanted to end up. we talked about him, my wife and i, he had one college on his list the naval academy. >> only place. we were talking in the break he signed up before 9/11 as you noted, you don't commit until your junior year. after 9/11 happened a number of people in his class had the opportunity to say, all right i'm done i'm out, i don't want to go to war, because they knew that's where they were headed. did that ever cross his mind? >> no. never. not him, and nor any of his classmates. young men and women that stepped forward to serve and what they do for us whether at the naval academy or those that enlist
10:25 am
and join the different services they have a strong belief in something bigger than themselves. they believe in service and they're patriots and they love this country. >> quickly, as we think about memorial day, there is always this debate on memorial day about whether we as a country observe it appropriately enough. memorial day was this day of absolute sadness, restaurants was closed in fun of any kind and everyone in that country went to a cemetery to visit a fallen soldier. in the united states we have two ways of celebrating, going to the cemeteries and saying thank you and also enjoying barbecues and picnics. what do you think your son would want from all of us? >> i'm not sure that the men and women that didn't come back want us to necessarily mourn all day on memorial day. they want us to be proud of our country, they loved our country. they want to celebrate who we are. and, you know celebrate what
10:26 am
sacrifice was all about. and, you know the great things we have in this country and service and what they stood for. and i think, you know we as americans can do a lot more in standing up for what they stood for. >> we can certainly do that. speaking of standing up what they sacrificed i want to read a quote that came to lucas, our producer a friend of yours, about what is happening in iraq now, from a special forces soldier that served in iraq in anbar province. i was there for the anbar awakening and to lose the city is heart breaking knowing all those soldiers, sailors and marines, your son was a marine who fought there and died in vain. do you think the administration and this policy in iraq is betraying your son's memory and the memory of all those who fought and died there? >> it is a strong word. i think that -- i'm not sure betrayal is the right word. certainly we need stronger leadership right now. and we have been doing some things over there, don't seem to be working.
10:27 am
it is now the time for leadership to step in and make sure that we get things back on the right track. >> and we'll see if the leadership steps in. we know what ash carter said about the iraqi troops. we appreciate it. the book is "brothers forever" about your son and his best friend an incredible read. thank you. all the best. it is a mim mrlemorial day tradition bringing riders to d.c. with an important message. doug is right in the thick of it all, a rolling thunder. hey, doug. >> it is a spectacular day here in the nation's capital. we have a abundant sunshine cool temperatures and peace and quiet. well scratch that peace and quiet part. it is rolling thunder. we'll have a live report coming right up.
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the roar of motorcycle engines is filling the air here in the nation's capital. hundreds of thousands of bikers and spectators are here for the memorial day tradition that is rolling thunder. it started back in 1988 as a way to honor vietnam veterans. today, it is has grown into one of the single largest motorcycle events in the world. doug mckelway is out on the streets with the noise and a live report. beautiful day. >> just spectacular day, we're seeing huge crowds here. this procession got under way in the north pentagon parking lot at 12:00 noon today. here it is an hour and a half later and still they come and there is no letup in sight as i look over memorial bridge behind me. i don't see the tail end of this thing. it potentially could be one of the largest participant crowds we have ever seen and the largest one to date was in 2008 when they had 350,000
10:33 am
motorcyclists, we were told the north pentagon parking lot was overfilled. it could be larger still. the mission of this motorcycle ride has changed over the years. most people would say it began as an effort to retrieve mias and p.o.w.s from southeast asia. one motorcycle that came by me an hour ago, pulling a trailer behind and in that trailer was a tiny little bamboo cage with a guy dressed in a loincloth, white hair and long white beard looking like a robinson crusoe figure. most people discount the fact that there are p.o.w.s in southeast asia who look like that. so the mission has changed somewhat over the years. one woman described how it changed. >> our chapter has been forcing us to repatriate five men, their stories are amazing. they were people from korea and from world war ii and their
10:34 am
remains were found, just within the last five years, and they were able to be brought home and returned to their family. >> that means a tremendous amount as you can imagine to the families of those people to have their remains returned state side where they can go to their grave sites and appreciate their service and express their loved ones to their loved ones. beyond that the rolling stones process is now transmicrophied into a celebration of all vets no matter what they do here is another woman participating to tell us about that. >> those that have served those that are serving, i don't think they get the recognition and the support that they deserve. they're protecting our country. they're protecting our freedoms. that's very important to me. >> reporter: and one man who definitely believes in that and who is participating today, is the secretary of defense ash carter. he was over in the north pentagon parking lot, and he
10:35 am
told us that this is all about never forgetting your comrades. we never leave a comrade behind. whether they served honorably or remains have been retrieved, that still stands true today. >> a great message from the defense secretary. doug mckelway live on a busy memorial bridge here this weekend. thanks, doug. former secretary of state, now presidential candidate, hillary clinton facing a new round of controversies while on the campaign trail this week. first, details emerging from the release of her private e-mails on benghazi. there is also the continued criticism over her lack of facetime with the media and new disclosures that the clinton foundation failed to report up to $26 million in speaking fees for bill hillary and chelsea clinton.
10:36 am
dennis cue sinkucinich and john hart, good to see both of you. congressman, i'll start with you. is it better for the clinton campaign at this point that you know a year and a half out, this is getting out there, she can address it or it dies a quiet death? either way, better for the controversy to surface now? >> well the e-mails related to benghazi will not go away. i wanted to share something with you. i led the effort in the house of representatives and challenging the march towards war in libya. and they have not made a case for it. the real question is since secretary clinton became secretary of state in 2009 the committee ought to be looking at the e-mails in 2009 2010 and 2011 and the run-up to benghazi in 2012 to see whether or not the war in libya was essentially set up that it wasn't necessary, that the intervention had been planned, even before anything happened that could be characterized in terms of the
10:37 am
gadhafi government going after people. there was no evidence whatsoever that they had planned a massacre. the real question is what role did secretary clinton play in bringing about a war that has been a total disaster. not only for the united states but the people of libya and the people of central africa. so we -- that's the real -- those are the e-mails that we want. go back to 2009 10 11 and it is nice to start to see e-mails surface for 12. but i doubt that the committee has all of them. >> well and, yes, we all doubt that because we know the former secretary of state had her own private server that has essentially now been discarded of the e-mails. we'll see if that surfaces. i want to ask you, the former secretary seems very comfortable. this week she addressed the e-mails knowing they were coming on the friday before a holiday saying i'm glad to have this out there, i want these things released. i want to get on with the business of turning around america. i'm happy to see the e-mails come and won't be anything there that i have any problems with. >> sure shannon.
10:38 am
first of all, i think dennis kucinich was right in 2008 that hillary clinton should not be the next president. i think what he was getting at and even in his comments is she has a problem of disclosing information. and hillary's scandals the e-mail gate and benghazi are potentially bigger than bill's scandals because the average person understands what they're about, and in a more obvious, direct way. the impeachment scandal, a lot of people dismiss that as a mere indiscretion. whitewater whitewater a land deal. what does that mean? no one understood what whitewater was about. hillary's scandals are in a different magnitude. with the e-mail gate there is a show me the server argument. what that is about fundamentally is an effort to avoid accountability. benghazi is a dereliction of duty. those are both scandals of a great magnitude, i would caution republicans to not rely too heavily on scandal, going into 2016 and i don't think our candidates are going to do that.
10:39 am
we made those mistakes in the past. in 1998 there was a famous exchange where my old boss went to newt gingrich and said we need to mobilize our base and motivate our base with the positive agenda and newt said, clinton has done that for us. that didn't work well in '98. what we have to do is keep this in perspective, raise the issue, ask the hard questions, show me the server. but at the same time lead to a positive hopeful agenda. that's what we're trying to do on opportunity lives, and with our video on comeback which is about people overcoming obstacles across the country. >> i think the folks agree that any campaign either side of the aisle, to be successful has to include all of those elements. congressman, i want to finish up by asking do you think these different various scandals or potential scandals provide an opening for someone like martin o'malley or for senator sanders. >> i don't know governor o'malley. i know bernie sanders for many
10:40 am
years. i think he's a very solid candidate and he will give secretary clinton a run. but i do not at this point -- i don't think the e-mails have yet penetrated to where the democratic base is particularly concerned about it. i will say this if that committee expands its probe and goes into e-mails relating to the secretary in 2009 2010 and 2011 with respect to libya, and the cause of war, if the american people find out that we were led into a war based on lies again, and based on misrepresentation, that could be a game changer and that's why, you know the committee ought to expand its reach, go into -- because you don't get the benghazi unless you invade libya. and that i would recommend, as a former chairman of an investigative subcommittee would recommend that the committee expand the search for e-mails, going right back to the
10:41 am
beginning of the secretary's service to our country, and begin in 2009 everything related to libya, and then you get a clear picture, a context with respect to benghazi. >> former congressman kucinich john hart thank you, both for your time. >> thank you. and still ahead, the inspiration behind the movie a beautiful mind. former princeton professor john nash and his wife had died together in a car crash. we're going to have the tragic details coming up. art health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. his was a compelling life story of mathematical genius who struggled with schizophrenia. that story became the movie a beautiful mind. today, condolences for john nash and his wife alicea killed yesterday in a car crash in new jersey. brian is following the story from our new york newsroom.
10:46 am
>> john forbes nash jr. considered one of the great mathematicians of the 20th century and the subject of the 2001 oscar winning film "a beautiful mind" killed saturday with his wife of 60 years alicea when their taxi lost control and hit a guardrail and another vehicle on the new jersey turnpike. they were pronounced dead at the scene. john had just accepted the prestigious able prize for mathematics in norway fame ously eccentric, described as brilliant and odd, john is considered a founder of modern game theory the mathematics of decision-making. he is known for his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, a battle depicted in the film a beautiful mind starring russell crowe. he struggled with hospitalizations and delusions for three decades before recovering and receiving the 1994 nobel prize in economics. on twitter, crowe, who portrayed john in the film saying stunned, my heart goes out to
10:47 am
john and alicea and family and amazing partnership, beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. director ron howard tweeting rip, brilliant nobel prize winning john nash and his remarkable wife alicea. it was an honor telling part of their story. john spent much of his life at princeton university first as a graduate student, and then as a senior researcher. princeton university calling both john and his wife quote, very special members of their community, saying john's remarkable achievements inspired generations of mathematicians economists and scientists many describing john as a genius but even that seemed to fall short. >> i think of myself as a genius. but i later on realized it is meaningless in a sense. you're losing your -- >> john was 86.
10:48 am
his wife 82. he leaves behind two sons. >> two sons and an incredible story, inspiration to us all. thanks. coming up how one bakery is helping our nation's military heroes find a recipe for their future. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening.
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. >> once members of the military leave the service it can be difficult to find a job. the skills they learned don't always trans light into civilian life. where is where dogtag bakery comes into play. father curry and kevin join us how to talk about how they are helping veterans. >> great to be here. >> when i heard about this and see what you have put together father how did you come up with this idea? >> years ago i was trained as a baker and always had a great satisfaction of baking products and realized how joyful it could make people and this is something i want for disabled veterans. i want them to learn how to bake something, to be absolutely a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and thought if i
10:53 am
could link it with an entrepreneurship program georgetown and our school of continuing studies, it would be a win-win. i wanted to open a bakery because i want people to come to a happy place where they can meet disables veterans. >> and it is a beautiful shop. we haven't tasted the goodies but we're going to. we won't get distracted by that. kevin, as father talked about, it's a unique program in that there are business courses and entrepreneurial courses through georgetown that go ang lo with it. how is it helping to equip veterans? >> one of the unique things about dog tag, it is a cradle to grave process. we help the wounded warriors as they are transitioning think about self-assessment, what they are going to do next in life. they take them all the way through the program at georgetown and at the end of it they find their place in the private sector. >> and father i liked what you said about the fact that it's also a good thing for public to come in and when we hear the numbers about how small the
10:54 am
percentages are about people in america who have an immediate family member or someone serving in the military it's astoundingly low. not everybody knows a veteran or service member but come into the bakery and getting to meet them. >> it rips away the anonymity, we have two programs they have to learn to wrip a business plan but the other in theater they have to learn their tell dramatic story. it's important they find their own voice. they find their own voice within their own story and find their own voice within the business world. that is helped by the people who come in and engage with them and very important that engagement happens. that's why a bakery is such an extraordinary happy place. >> it is. and kevin, what is the reaction that you've seen through people who go through the program and maybe have different skills and better chance in civilian life? >> i think they become ambassadors of the program itself. these are talented young men and women and come from all walks of
10:55 am
life. they are extremely proud what they've done at dog tag and will attract more wounded warriors and caregivers in the future. >> we're going to tweet out information to find out about supporting and if they visit the d.c. area visit for themselves. last thing quickly, what's your favorite treat from the bakery? >> everything. >> my favorite treat is customers coming in. >> we'll try to encourage that. in the meantime see the beautiful things you have available. thank you both for this idea for the work you're doing and for your service to the country. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with more of your special memorial day tweets. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to so what else are you going to throw in? leather seats? >>and this... get your credit swagger on.
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this weekend we're remembering our fallen heroes and showing some of the pictures of the military men and women you're honoring and sending us on twitter. stacey remembers her parents william and josephine and this is margaret's uncle, harry campbell missing in action from world war ii and still remembers him today. kelly is remembering her brothers sergeant kevin atkins part of the 391st engineer battalion. thanks to all of you who shared pictures and we're going to continue to show photos today and tomorrow on the show. use the #proudamerican when you tweet them in and we'll be watching. >> never more proud than a couple of years ago when we
11:00 am
visited the beaches of normandy and france and thinking about young men who willingly jumped off the ships -- >> saved the world. >> much to be thankful for. >> thanks for spending your sunday with us. >> i'm chris wallace, mike huckabee won iowa eight years now but now has a new strategy. and we have the exclusive interview. my goal is not to win a straw poll that doesn't mean something. it's to win the election that means everything for the future of the country. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee lays out his path to the 2016 republican nomination. only on "fox news sunday." then rand paul spends almost 11 hours on the senate floor opposing renewal of the patriot act. >> i think we can be safe and have our freedom as well. >> we'll ask the sunday panel about the government's bulk collection of our phone records


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